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Pittsburgh Hot Air Balloons

Take a trip into the purest compound of adventure and meditation with Pittsburgh Hot Air Balloons on your first balloon ride. Our expert pilots offer outstanding, personalized voyages to create an experience equaled by no other. We are one hundred percent dedicated to anticipating and tending to your every desire while providing you with the experience of a lifetime!

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Balloon Rides in Pittsburgh

Balloon Flights around Pittsburgh

A hot air balloon ride is an incredibly exciting introduction into the world of flight. The allure of the Pittsburgh landscape appears unparalleled when experienced from 2,000 feet above the ground. Your tour at the highest point of elevation will take approximately an hour. We have a vast array of features that will serve to remind you of your remarkable ballooning adventure. Our agents and crew are dedicated to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience with us!

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Pittsburgh Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

Pittsburgh Ballooning Gifts

Ballooning and all of the aspects pertaining to it expose the passengers to a refined peace, stimulation, and restfulness. Our certificates are transferable, and offer chances to create memories that will last a lifetime. Certificates of flight are able to be redeemed through our extensive complex of participating establishments throughout the United States.

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Pittsburgh Balloon Festivals

Pittsburgh Balloon Celebrations

Enjoy the unique view of hundreds of balloons soaring high above you with an Pittsburgh Balloon Festival. Whether you're inclined towards just enjoying the incredible view or taking a flight of your own, we can make your wild balloon dreams come true.

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Pittsburgh Corporate Balloon Advertising

Pittsburgh Balloon Advertising and Marketing

The secret to marketing your company is to create buzz with a creative scheme utilizing something inspiring and memorable. Using our best business in the direct vision of everyone will definitely get the attention your business is looking for. Using flyovers and tethered flights works as an outreach to an entirely new demographic to get your business taking off in profits.

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We are dedicated to giving you the most safe and secure ballooning experience available. We employ experienced pilots who are exhaustively practiced to provide a unique experience tailored to your specific needs. The requirements for acquiring one's balloon pilot license includes a minimum of 16 hours flight time and multitudes of additional requirements. This being the minimum required, meaning, in the basic sense, pilots must accomplish many hours worth of flight flawlessly before being considered a safe and useful balloon pilot. Take your hobbyist mindset to the next level with the ultimate adventure of a balloon flight over Pittsburgh's stunning landscape without the need to stress about your safety. Trust us, we've got it covered.

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