Just picture it: You have a date planned, an exciting balloon ride, but you do not let on to the secret. It will certainly be a perfect secret as they enjoy the occasion, unaware that there is more to come. As the burners rumble to life, you arise into the perfect backdrop for this milestone moment.

This moment will be entwined with the awe-inspiring and peaceful view of the wonderful earth below you and the endless sky. Not even the wind will touch this memory frozen in time as the heaters submit to silence. This in itself is an extraordinary opportunity but wait, you go into your pocket, pull out a ring and say the words "Will you marry me?" If this is absolutely the one, provide them the happiest moment of their life.

You may choose to get down on one knee with a serene Hot Air Balloon Ride at sunrise when the Earth has it's first blush or sunset when the sky appears like it's on fire. Regardless if you elect to propose on the ground with the hot air balloon's vibrant colors in the background or high among the clouds, we can help you to organize an unique engagement.

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Taking Your Vows

You're head can surely find itself in the clouds when you've discovered the love of your life. Wouldn't it be phenomenal if you could literally help make that imagery a reality for you and your special someone? You can when you choose to say your I do's high a top the treetops in a Hot Air Balloon.

You will find that there are many ways that we can really help you make that magical moment exactly as you hope it to be. Here is a short rundown of good examples to give rise to the perfect wedding experience for you:

The sky's the limit when you are planning the happiest moment of your life.

We have informative agents at 1-888-994-9275 waiting to help you organize the perfect wedding ceremony for you.

Wedding Anniversaries

Celebrating an anniversary is truly a milestone occasion. The commitment made between two people in love should be treasured every day, but an anniversary is an opportunity to renew that beautiful bond. How amazing would it be to make it an even more memorable occasion than to spend your anniversary Hot Air Ballooning?

Group Event Flights

Mark the celebration of the significance of your time spent in devotion to one another with your friends and family on an enchanting Shared Hot Air Balloon Ride. As if the outing up in the air wasn't enough, you also have the choice of commemorating the moment with a champagne toast after landing. If you would like to enjoy your balloon flight experience with more than only your significant other, then try this shared ride as opposed to our Exclusive flight.

A romantic hot air balloon ride is the perfect way to make outstanding memories; you may even want to make it a tradition!

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